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Water Testing Services

“Water is life”. Good quality drinking water is still a distant dream for most of the population. Hence assessing the water quality for human consumption and recreational purposes is of utmost importance.

With a strong scientific foundation, expert chemists, and cutting-edge technology, M.E Testing Laboratory is equipped with all the resources necessary to provide superior lab testing services to our clients.

METL has vast experience in water testing as per standard specification.

Drinking water should be tested quarterly for its quality for essential tests and including other parameters at least half yearly.If you are using water purification system, still you need to go for few essential tests regularly.

Borewell Water Testing

In India, most of the people are still dependent on bore well water for drinking purposes and other household needs. If you are one of them, then it’s imperative to get your bore well water tested in an METL Jaipur water testing laboratory. There could be many health related problems from drinking such water. And, if the health issues are due to the presence of heavy metals like Arsenic and uranium then it is most dangerous. List of METL accredited Borewell Water Testing laboratories in India in various states.


METL Jaipur laboratories for construction water testing make sure that water used for mixing and curing of substances should be clean and free from any types of salts, sugar,oils, alkali, acid, organic material, vegetable growth and other contaminants. These components are detrimental for bricks, concrete, steel and stone used for construction work. Water being an essential element in construction has a direct impact on the strength of concrete, cement and mortar.


Some salts, metals, minerals and mobile charged ions get dissolved in water, making it inappropriate to be used for several applications. METL Jaipur demineralized water testing laboratories ensure that the raw water is free from minerals, organic, and inorganic substances. These laboratories also help you to find out if the demineralized water is chemically pure and is ideal for use in chemical and other industries.


METL Jaipur laboratories for the testing of drinking water, analyze the water sample for any contamination. These laboratories make sure that you get safe and palatable water for drinking. Whether you need drinking water testing services for your public water supply (PWS), or to test your bottled water or source wells, these water testing laboratories can always assist you.


Water is collected from underground sources and is packaged close to the source. This packaged natural mineral water has to meet the specified quality standards before they can be sold in the market. METL Jaipur laboratories for packaged natural mineral water testing provide the finest quality of testing services. With the help of such water testing laboratories, a customer can get fresh and natural mineral water.


METL Jaipur Packaged Drinking Water Testing provide physical, chemical and microbiological analysis of water to ensure it is safe to consume. These water testing laboratories make sure that the packaged drinking water is free from any hazardous chemicals, solvents, bacteria and contaminants in it.


METL Jaipur laboratories for potable water testing, analyze water and make sure that your water is free from harmful chemical substances and radioactive matter, disease-causing organisms, tastes good and is free from objectionable odour or colour. Regardless of the water source, you can always get your water tested for specific contaminants of concern in these potable water testing laboratories.


Swimming pools are often cited as a cause of waterborne diseases. In order to safeguard your health, the water quality of the swimming pools should be checked regularly. METL Jaipur water testing laboratories for swimming pool water testing provide certified analysis for bacteria, pH, chlorine and other contaminants according to your need.