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Consulting Services

M.E.T.L exists to ensure your vision becomes a reality. We do this by solving and simplifying complex problems to help our clients build things with peace of mind. A multi-disciplined construction engineering consulting firm, M.E.T.L serves a variety of industries and project types. M.E.T.L is committed to delivering excellence to contractors, owners, engineers, architects and financial institutions by maintaining the highest standards of quality for consulting services within the construction industry.

We assist our clients in overcoming complicated construction-related situations and accomplishing their project objectives through industry awareness, practical business knowledge and technology experience. M.E.T.L customizes services to meet each client’s particular needs in the management, oversight and forensic investigation of construction projects.

M.E.T.L is a pioneering engineering company providing high-quality engineering consultancy services to its clients. We are committed to a policy of quality assurance complying with ISO/IEC – 17025-2005 and ensure that this policy is understood, implemented, and maintained throughout the company.

M.E.T.L performs construction and engineering inspections. These inspections can be to review a specific issue, an overall project or even as a part of a strategic program management process. Our construction management consultants monitor and inspect the construction progress as it develops throughout the duration of the project. We provide the following professional inspection services:

M.E.T.L is committed to integrating quality into all design efforts and ensuring that construction is performed in accordance with the approved drawings and specifications. We have established quality control procedures and an integrated Quality Assurance Program to monitor and provide approved methodology and reliability. This QA program sets prescribed standards of performance for design, construction, sampling, and analysis, as well as for site-specific project plans required by regulatory agencies.


Our QA program provides for the following :

  1. Corrective action programs
  2. Data reduction, validation and reporting
  3. Documentation control/procedures
  4. Establishment of minimum requirements for staff credentials
  5. Equipment calibration procedures and acceptance criteria
  6. Personnel training
  7. Proper allocation of staff and resources
  8. Quality review audit and oversight functions for all aspects of the project, including field iInvestigations, laboratory procedures and project management
  9. Review of all drawings, plans and specifications
  10. Sample custody and documentation
  11. Sampling and analytical procedures

Technical review of all project reports, recommendations and related documents.