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Building Material Testing Services

METL Jaipur is a professionally managed Construction material Testing Laboratory in Jaipur, India backed by team of highly qualified & experienced, scientific & technical professionals, testing & inspection engineers, Chemists in the field of Building & Road materials testing.

Captivating on the skills of our professionals, we are involved in providing best quality of Building Material Testing Services. These Building Material Testing Services are known for their hassle free performance. Further, the Building Material Testing Services are provided by us t customers at market leading rates.


Bitumen is a mixture of black, sticky, highly viscous organic liquids and is usually considered as one of the primary ingredients for the construction of roads, highways and buildings. METL Jaipur accredited bitumen testing laboratories are there to ensure the quality of bitumen. These laboratories assess the safety, viscosity, consistency, gradation, and temperature susceptibility of bitumen.


METL Jaipur accredited cement testing laboratories are there to analyse the strength of the cement to avoid mishaps. Cement Testing gives the rate of its compatibility with other materials in the concrete mix design. A chemical analysis gives the complete composition of the cement and ensures that it doesn’t contain any repellent material.


Timber testing is done to determine the ultimate strength in compression, tension and flexure of timber products. Most of the timber products that undergo such rigorous mechanical testing are then used in the furniture, construction and common goods manufacturing industries. METL Jaipur accredited laboratories for timber testing determine if the tested sample is acceptable for a particular application or not.